• Welcome to Macksons House Farm

    The home base of MACKSONS the Mixed farm business in modern sustainable Agricultural practice, Produce Organic, and conventional.

  • Our Farm Services


    Commercial Bee Keeping:

    • Honey, Beeswax, Propolis
    • (Production, Processing, Packaging & EXPORT) 
    • Quality Assurance/Quality Control

    Animal Production


    • Sheep, Goat, Pig, Fish, Chicken, & Ducks. 

    Crop Production

    • Canola, Soyabeans, Sunflower, & Sweet Corn. 


    • Coffee, Tea, Vanilla, All Peppers. 
    • Fresh and Solar Dried, Tropical Fruits & Vegetables. 
    • Edible Mushrooms. 

  • About Us

    This is a mixed Farm Business.

    A relatively new Company. Macksons House Farm Canada Inc, is still in a crucial formative stage. In the hands of its executive Team. These comprises CEO/President Peter Maury Ssemambo who is the only employed staff at the moment.The Finance Director Marjory Nagujja Ssemambo and Suzan Nanteza Ampumuza Company Secretary in the Background. We expect to have a fully paid team in the next 12 Months with 3 Full time staff. This will be after the establishment process in Nova Scotia, Canada is finalized.

    Honey Comb


    Roaster & Chicken

  • Contact Us

    Ontario Office


    34 Braydon Blvd

    Brampton ON L6P 1H7



    Nova Scotia Head Office


    47 Convent Street
    Sydney Mines, NS B1V 1K1



    Cell: 1-416-474-4874

    Tel: 1-437-218-6235


    Email: Info@macksonshousefarm.ca

    E-mail: petermaury@live.ca

    E-mail: mikemaury@yahoo.com


    President/CEO: Peter Maury Ssemambo

    Finance Director: Marjory Nagujja Ssemambo